Ken Tizzard - "Mud On My Boots (Ode To Frank Meyers)"

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No Dark No Light is a series of live performance videos shot in various locations with different musicians.  These songs were written during the long cold winter of 2013/14 and will make up the bulk of Ken Tizzard's fall release tentativly titled "No Dark No Light."

No Dark No Light #6 "Cover Me" Filmed at the Carriage House in Savannah in the Summer of 2014.

No Dark No Light #5 "All Gone" Filmed at the Carriage House in Savannah in the Summer of 2014.

"Pale Blue Sky" is the third video in the No Dark No Light series.


"Fare Thee Well" is the second song in the No Dark No Light Series.  

 "The Devil" is the first video in this series and will be featured on Ken Tizzard's upcoming album to be recorded in the Fall of 2014.

"One Frost Away" is the fourth in the No Dark No Light series...this is a photo/lyric video for the demo which was made available for download last Christmas...

In his more than 20 years in the music industry, Ken has performed on the big stage of Toronto’s Air Canada Centre to the dark cabarets in northern Russia, received numerous Juno nominations and MuchMusic Awards, six gold and platinum records, and licensed songs to such TV shows as CSI and Fashion Television. He has also appeared on everything from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing

Ken Tizzard, the unique low-to-the-ground bass player for gold-and-platinum selling Canadian rock bands Thornley and The Watchmen, continues his thriving and ever-exploratory solo career with his fourth album, The Goodness Of Bad Intent.

Recently, Ken has been touring and playing bass alongside Newfoundland singer-songwriter Ron Hynes.  When not on the road with Ron, Ken is passing his time at his snowed in studio in Campbellford, Ontario writing for a new record.  Below is a link to one of the current demos...  

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"The Goodness Of Bad Intent"

-a pedal steel rock and roll experience is available now

Including the Small Town Ontario Trilogy: "This Town Of Mine," "Don't Be Surprised," and "You Showed Me." 

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Ken Tizzard With Bad Intent
"A Pedal Steel Rock and Roll Experience."

Videos from 'The Goodness Of Bad Intent"

"This Town Of Mine" 

"The Other Side Of Wrong"

"Time To Remember"














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