Ken Tizzard




I started using Traynor bass rigs a few years back.  I absolutely love these rigs and use them exclusively with Thornley and the Watchmen.  As well I have started using the YGM guitar combo when I am playing with The Variety Show Players...

"Clean, tight and punchy with enough power for any show. When you factor in the tube pre-amp, compressor/limiter, distortion and kick ass eq section, this amp delivers everything I need."


Hoogie and the gang at WB Gear keep me moving along on the road with strings provided by SIT.  I have been using thee string for bass, acoustic and electric guitar and as well for pedal steel.  Thanks Hoogie

SIT StringsWB Gear


Ron Mitten has been helping me with merchandise for the last five years.  The folks at MerchMonkey are always helpful with everything from design to advice on styles and t-shirt brands.  Great people...



This company is great and have been supporting Ken Tizzard since early on in the Watchmen days.Levy’s is a leading manufacturer of consumer leather and nylon goods with manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Antigonish, Nova Scotia.The company was founded in 1973 by Dennis Levy and is run by Dennis and his brother Harvey.Levy’s sells guitar straps, instrument bags, gun slings, gun cases, cartridge belts, knife sheathes and belts.


Ken started working witih Peavey during the early days of Thornley. Using their amps and basses was a great change for Ken as this helped to create a huge and tight live sound which allowed him to work in many dropped tunings without a ot of saggy bottome end. As well Ken's custom 6-string was the bass that unspired a lot of the work on the Quiet Storey House cd.